TV Be Gone


I have a TV-B-Gone from Adafruit, so I just made this one to see if I could. I did however want to make one that was smaller, easier to hide, and cheaper. Since the design was open source, I started with the schematic and worked my way from there. I did not really need 4 LEDs, nor did I need some of the extra parts that were on it. So after deleting some parts and routing the board, I ended up with what I have right now. You can download the attached files and make your own or just check the schematic out.

In case you are not familiar, a “T.V. B Gone” is a universal remote that turns off televisions.


I ordered my PCBs from dorkbotpdx. My design is about .9 square inches. So that means it cost $4.5 for 3 boards ($1.5 each)

So I placed my mouser order which totaled $4.55 without shipping.

Here is the parts list:

When assembled, it looks like this:

I added long wires on the LEDs and kept the battery leads long because I still want to try and put this is some clothing or something of the sort to hide it when in use.

There are 2 LEDs, one is a wide angle lens and the other is a narrow angle.

It runs on 2 rechargeable AAA batteries. I thought I had ordered the battery pack with the switch on it. I guess not.

I downloaded Adafruit's program for the microcontroller and used AVR Studio and my Pololu AVR programmer to upload it to the Attiny. I have tested it and it works fine.

Here is a size comparison with it and the Adafruit one I have: