Creepy Bearduino


Creepy Bearduino was made out of a teddy bear, cup, PIR sensor, and an Arduino RBBB micro-controller board. The PIR sensor is the same sensor in motion detecting lights. The sensor detects when people walk into the room, which allows the bear to react by turning its head and lighting up its eyes. The bear can be powered by a 5V wall power supply or four AA batteries.


I glued the cup inside the bear’s unstuffed, decapitated body. This gave me room for the electronics.

His head was then glued onto a small wooden circle. This provided the support to then attach his head to a servo which will control its movement.

The head is made to come off so I can program the micro-controller and fix any problems. You can see the wooden bracket I made to hold the servo and head in place. The battery pack and power switch are on the bottom of the bear.

To install the eyes I had to do a little brain surgery on the bear.

Here is a picture of myself testing his LED eyes with a small battery.

I then had to go back and sew his head up where I cut it open.